Banana for breakfast

Can you eat a banana for breakfast? Bananas have a relatively high calorie content, making them a real energy bomb that is very nutritious, but it does matter when you consume them. Just like with coffee, a glass of orange juice, or a cup of yogurt – which are perfect elements of a breakfast – timing matters. Consuming any of these on an empty stomach is not good for digestion.

Banana for breakfast

The following foods are not good to eat on an empty stomach:

Crispy, puffy pastries: the yeast in them can irritate the stomach lining and cause bloating.

Sweets: they raise blood sugar levels and strain the pancreas. Continuous consumption can lead to the development of diabetes.

Yogurt: the gastric acid in an empty stomach kills the lactobacilli, so it’s better to eat it as the closing part of breakfast.

Banana: when eaten on an empty stomach, the magnesium in the blood increases dramatically, which can be harmful to the heart.

Lemon, orange: the fruit acid in them increases the chances of developing gastric ulcers and gastritis.

Pear: the raw fiber in it can irritate the delicate mucous membrane in an empty stomach.

Tomato: it contains a lot of oxalic acid, which increases gastric acidity and the risk of developing gastric ulcers.

Cucumber: when consumed on an empty stomach, they can cause abdominal pain and heartburn, especially when combined with other green plants.

What is worth eating for breakfast?

  • Egg: provides gradual calorie intake.
  • Watermelon: provides hydration to the body. It also benefits the eyes and heart due to its lycopene content.
  • Blueberries: consuming blueberries on an empty stomach regularly improves memory, blood pressure, and metabolism.
  • Yeast-free whole grain bread: the carbohydrates and minerals found in it are necessary for the body.
  • Walnuts: normalize stomach pH and improve digestion.
  • Honey: excellent morning wake-up and energy source! It increases brain activity and promotes a sense of well-being.
  • Wheat germ: 2 tablespoons of wheat germ provide 15% of the daily requirement of E-vitamin and 10% of the necessary folic acid for the body.
  • Buckwheat: stimulates the digestive system and is an excellent source of protein, iron, and vitamins.
  • Cornmeal porridge: has a detoxifying effect and helps balance the gut flora in the body.

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